Friday, January 31, 2014

What’s the latest in dentistry today? Ask a Sydney Dentist

As the technology become modern and advanced nowadays, the world of dentistry too have embraced the use of different techniques available to suit the needs of the patients. Whether it may be on tools, applications or products, modern dentists like the ones in Sydney have acknowledged the use of these tips to help their patients have a pleasant experience when visiting their respective dentists. Below are some of the latest in dentistry that you will surely have to look forward to on your next visit to your Sydney dentist:

Most dental procedures involving the use of implant usually takes too long to heal and might be a painful healing process for the patient. That is why instead of enduring the long process, dentists place mini implants to make sure that the denture will stay intact with the gums perfectly. The procedure can be done in a much shorter period than the conventional implant, making it possible for the patient to wear the replacement teeth immediately after the procedure.

Intraoral camera
This tool is perfect for those who want to have a more effective way of diagnosing dental problems at the earliest stage. The tool is consists of tiny camera placed into patient’s mouth to capture images inside the oral cavity. The intraoral camera allows the patient to view the entire dental treatment procedure on a computer screen. Intraoral camera can be an effective procedure to treat tiny cracks in teeth, oral cancer or gingivitis which signs of decay are not visible in ordinary dental x-rays.

Laser Dentistry
Laser dentistry is a form of surgical procedure done with less bleeding, swelling and faster recovery time. It allows the dentists to make precise incisions that frequently don’t require the use of stitches. With this procedure, patients do not have to get anaesthesised to have this treatment done. Aside from surgical procedures, laser dentistry can also be an effective treatment for patients who had a crown or tooth that suddenly break and left a gap between the teeth. Using laser dentistry, patient can now fit and place a crown in just one visit to the dentists.

With modern science and technology growing rapidly fast nowadays, a Sydney dentist can now incorporate some of the latest in technology available to have a more effective way of diagnosing and treating patients. Thanks to the latest in technology, a Sydney dentist can now provide a more comfortable and convenient experience to their patients.

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